Agile Associates was established with a mission to provide reliable and dependable investigative information to various clients for right and effective decision making. Agile offers a wide range of services to its clients.

The foundation of Agile is unparalleled in the industry, leading the way in experience, quality, and integrity and above all, we are sensitive to the needs of our clients. Our investigative team is dedicated, professional and seasoned by rich experience & expertise. We command a large team of investigators spread all over northern states of the country. Our team of well equipped professionals has the capacity of retrieving desired information. We train and update our investigation team regularly.

The ‘Agile’ Advantage in a nutshell


Values : The practice, each and every day, of integrity, teamwork, and the pursuit of excellence is our heritage and the foundation of our long-term client relationships. Our values tie our professionals to our firm. In turn, our values and our performance tie our clients to the firm, and form the basis of our reputation and long term relationship.

Professional Excellence : We command an array of expert and experienced professionals posted at different locations in our network. We empower our professionals by regularly updating them through in- house training programs and give them the technological resources they need to add value at every step of the process.

Focus On Quality : Quality has always been a strong part of Agile’s motto. Agile’s trained professionals take care to ensure a high level of quality in their services. Agile delivers what it commits on time with utmost confidentiality.

Network : We work with a closely nit network of excellent professionals spread all over major cities of Uttar Pradesh /Bihar.

Comprehensive Services / Resources : In providing services, Agile utilizes a team approach, coordinating diverse skills from our in-house client service lines. Clients are provided with seamless services designed to achieve their unique goals and objectives.

Commitment to Technology : Our clients come together in our technology platform. A combination of internally developed tools and external partnerships enables us to manage communications, assignments and performance throughout our organization. Clients can access an increasing array of services through our e-platform.

TAT : We strictly adhere to our turn around time enhancing the utility of our reports.

Late. Sachchidanand Tripathi
(1935 to 2007)
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